4 most common AC problems and their solutions!

You might not notice an air conditioner during the winter, but during the summer-these are a necessity. It doesn’t feel very pleased to have an air conditioner that doesn’t work well! However, instead of using Google to search for ‘AC repair services near me, you can read this short article to find out five common AC problems and how you can fix them without a technician! Read on and solve your problems without any delay!

Four common Air Conditioning problems!

Warm airflow:

Sometimes your AC is working in perfect health, but it does not have cool airflow. The most common reason for AC troubles is dirty filters. With use, these filters soak up any dirt and dust particles so that you can maintain good indoor air quality. 

Solution: You can easily replace the filter on your own. Simply buy a filter online or from your local contractor and install them. Some AC units also have reusable filters. In such cases, you can remove, clean, and re-install.

Recalibrate thermostat:

Your AC and smart thermostat work together to maintain the temperature in your home. However, if the calibration of your thermostat is faulty, your house can under- or overheat. 

Solution: Recalibrate your smart thermostat according to the manual. Follow the procedure step-by-step to get optimum results.

Insufficient airflow:

The biggest reason for insufficient airflow is your outdoor compressor units. Debris and leaves collection on or around the compressor can block airflow to the indoor cooling unit. This is especially common if you have a ductless or mini-split system.

Solution: Clean the area around your compressor unit. You can also vacuum to remove dust and leaves inside the unit. We also recommend investing in a simple plastic cover that will protect the unit from the environment.

Water leakage:

The AC system has several small drainage holes responsible for draining out any water produced. However, if you notice that water is collecting inside your AC and then leaking out, these holes are clogged.

Solution: Use a small safety pin or toothpick to remove any dirt and lint collected in and around the holes. Please note: never use a vacuum cleaner in the AC because it can damage the condenser coils.

What about my other problems?

An AC can have many other problems, including:

  • Broken motor plates and belts
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Electrical connection problems
  • Capacitor problems
  • Evaporator and condenser coil problems

These are severe problems that a professional technician should only handle. Do not try to solve these on your own, and instead call service for AC repair in Mount Washington

We recommend that you call a technician for all your AC problems if you do not have any prior professional experience in troubleshooting. This is because air conditioning units are delicate machines that can easily break down if not handled properly.

If you don’t have experience with AC problems, you can contact Milburn Heating & AC. They provide affordable, long-lasting services. You can easily schedule their service on AC maintenance near me or call them on (502)538-2328.