AC Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

An accurately maintained air conditioning unit operates efficiently, utilizes less power, and holds a longer lifespan than units that are not kept in proper shape. Also, routine maintenance can decrease the frequency of repairs, and the unit consumes less energy than a malfunctioning unit. However, all this is possible only when you schedule routine air conditioner servicing near me. This routine maintenance always increases the longevity of the unit and reduces the odds of breakdown. 

Important AC maintenance tips you need to know 

Whether you hold a one-room or central air conditioning unit, it requires routine maintenance to operate effectively. While you can easily perform some of the maintenance jobs yourself, major repairs require a trained technician for AC repair in Bowling Green, KY. Some of the essential AC maintenance tips are mentioned below – 

Clean or change the air filters

If your air conditioning unit holds reusable air filters, you must inspect and clean them regularly during the summer. Otherwise, the filters can get obstructed with dust, dirt, and other particles that decrease the airflow. 

In addition to this, these dirty air filters will further make the air passing through the unit more infected, triggering symptoms of allergy and asthma. Therefore, cleaning your air filters regularly or calling a professional for AC repair in Bowling Green, KY, will allow your AC to run efficiently. 

Clean the condenser coils

The evaporator and condenser coils of your air conditioning unit get dirty and rusted with time. This is why they must be cleaned regularly, or else they can reduce the airflow and the cooling capacity. It further results in the reduced heat-absorbing capability of the condenser coils. Hence, you must inspect and cleanse your condenser coil routinely for the proper upkeep of the unit. 

Examine the thermostat

This is again an important tip that you must follow during air conditioner maintenance. You should inspect the unit’s thermostat to ensure that it runs at the requisite temperature and evenly cools the entire place. 

You can further replace your old mechanical thermostat with a programmable one. An electronic thermostat enables you to set the temperature for distinct intervals in the day and automatically turn it off if you are not at home. 

Higher energy efficiency

Scheduling routine maintenance can additionally assist you in lowering your electricity expenses. However, sometimes issues may occur, interrupting the power flow resulting in the unit consuming more energy than needed. Hence it is advised to opt for air conditioner servicing near me routinely to warrant the stable working of your air conditioning unit.

To sum up, it can be concluded that regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit can save you from many hassles in the long run. Looking for reliable HVAC contractors in Green KY or nearby areas? Connect with our team of experts for high-grade assistance. For booking an appointment, you can give us a call at 502-538-2328 or visit for scheduling an online appointment.