Avoid Cooling Problems with Preventative Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring is the best time to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner. Just as your car needs routine servicing to run smoothly, an AC also requires timely maintenance and service. This is because the last thing you want is your AC not cooling properly in the dead of summer!

If you feel that your AC isn’t cooling as well as it used to, it’s high time to call an HVAC service near me. Meanwhile, here are some common reasons why your AC may not be cooling efficiently and how to prevent them.

5 Possible Reasons Behind your AC Failing to Cool Properly

  • A Clogged Filter

An air conditioner filter is responsible for providing you with clean air after filtering the dust and debris. As time passes, the filters might get clogged, reducing your AC’s capacity to pump out cool and clean air. Thus you need to get your filters cleaned or replaced routinely by a professional HVAC service near me

Most HVAC professionals recommend replacing the filters every month or at least once in alternate months.

  • Dirty Evaporator Coils

The role of a condenser in an AC is dissipating hot air and cooling it down. Here, the condenser coil must be dirt-free in order to dissipate heat outside. 

Similar to the filters, the coils tend to accumulate dirt over time, due to which the air conditioner becomes less efficient. Eventually, it becomes much more challenging for the AC to cool evenly in a single room. So, if your AC has stopped cooling efficiently due to dirty evaporator coils, better get it serviced by a professional HVAC company.

  •  Insufficient Coolant

The coolant in an air conditioner is like blood in a human body. It is responsible for circulating through the evaporator coils and cools the air flowing around it, fundamentally sending out cool air. So if the coolant levels get depleted, it’s high time to call up a professional for coolant top up and refill.

  • A Faulty Compressor

The compressor, the heart of an air conditioning unit is responsible for cooling your room by compressing the coolant or refrigerant and circulating the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. 

If none of the above factors have occurred, there are high chances that a defective compressor might cause the AC not to function properly. This is because a faulty compressor stops the whole cooling cycle causing the AC to stop cooling properly. You need to call a professional cooling and heating repair in Mount Washington right away in such a case.

  • Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat acts as a sensor that detects the room’s temperature and controls the cooling cycle. However, if the thermostat starts malfunctioning, the air conditioner wouldn’t be able to cool continuously or cool at all!

If you think your AC isn’t cooling as efficiently as it used to, it’s time to call one of our technicians. We provide superior cooling and heating repair in Mount Washington and surrounding areas.

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