Why Does An AC Make Water-Running Sounds? 

Imagine coming home to a malfunctioning AC unit on a hot summer day. The dripping or splashing noises of AC is all you can hear. These sounds could be due to several reasons. So, before searching for ac repair services near me, find out why it sounds like water is running from your AC and what you can do to resolve the issue. 

How does an AC work?

To understand the reasons behind dripping noises, you’ll have first to understand how an AC functions. An Air conditioning unit cools down your room by taking in warm air from its surroundings then cooling it by blowing it over an evaporator coil that contains refrigerant. 

An Air Conditioner cools through condensation. As the air cools down due to the refrigerant, it starts to condense. The condensate is collected in a pan, which then flows through the condensation line and drains outside your home. 

Usually, the dripping noises are due to water trickling. This isn’t a cause for concern. But, there are times when the noises get serious. Now it’s time to look up air conditioner servicing near me.

When should you start worrying? 

The drip pan may overflow, causing a water leak in your house. 

  • Another reason for running water-like noises from your AC can be due to a clogged condensate drain line. 
  • A cracked drain pan can also be a cause for concern. 
  • Improper installation could be a reason for the noise. Another reason could be the size of the AC unit.
  • Lack of refrigerant.
  • A dirty air filter is among the common causes of these noises.
  • A broken condensate pump could be the culprit as well. 

How can you resolve it? 

Adjust the AC’s tilt 

Your window AC unit should be tilted slightly towards the outside for proper drainage outdoors. To find the proper tilt level, check the installation manual. In case you can’t find any instructions, go for an inch of tilt. 

Remove Rubber Drain Plug 

Check if the AC has a rubber plug in one of the back bottom corners. Remove it so that the water can drain freely. Replace the plug later and repeat the process as required. 

Clean your Drain Pan 

If none of those mentioned above issues applies to your AC, it may be clogged due to mildew or dust causing drainage issues. You’ll find the drain holes at the back of the unit on the bottom of the sides. You can use a thin wire brush for cleaning the drain hole. 

Look up for ac repair services near me to get the job done by a professional. It is better advised to let professionals do the job. They will properly inspect your Air conditioning system, determine the cause and the severity of the issue, then inform you whether the AC unit has to be repaired or replaced. 

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