Why Is Your Heat Pump Leaking?

Heat pumps are the heart of your HVAC system, and heat pumps do the principal function of cooling and heating the room via programmed tasks. In places where the temperatures are higher or lower than normal, heat pumps become a major part of our household, and then if the heat pump starts leaking, it could be a huge problem and might make your lives difficult. 

In this blog, we will talk about the reasons for heat pump leaking. If you face any issue like this one, you can contact heating repair mount Washington or search the internet for heating repair near me.

Reasons for the Leakage

The heat pump might leak due to simple problems like clogging issues, and you can solve this by yourself. But there are some serious problems like frozen evaporators, punctured pipes, etc. These kinds of problems require repair professionals who can replace or repair them, according to the need. 

  • Pan Drainage Clogging 

Usually, to collect the drain, there is a pan that collects the condensate from the equipment and then drains it. 

But at times, moss formation, dirt cluster formation, dents can lead to the clogging of the pan outlet, which ends up in overfilling the pan and the drain starts dripping outside the pan. There is a possibility that the pan is improperly fit, which might also be the reason for clogging.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coils 

In warm areas or warm seasons, we require lower temperatures than usual to compensate for the heat. During this, the refrigerant will also have lower temperatures, leading to the formation of ice on the cooling coils. 

After the ice formation, it will hinder the heat transfer mechanism, which can lead to low efficiency of the system, and also if the refrigerant has a low level, this could lead to the creation of an icy layer on the coils.

The thick ice on melting will create puddles, which will end up leaking. If you face this, you can contact the heating repair company in Mount Washington.

  • Condensate Drain Clogging

There are specialized tubes built in the HVAC system to drain the moisture from the room. If clogging takes place in these specialized tubes, then over time, the tubes will get filled with the clogged water and then might end up leaking. If you were to face this problem, you should google heating repair near me. This will show some of the contacts for the heating repairs near you.

  • Punctures in the Draining System

If your pan is in the draining system or the tube starts leaking even after no clogging, then this is probably because of the puncture in it. If you cannot solve this at home, you will have to contact heating repair mount Washington to get this fixed.

Suppose you face any servicing-related problem from repairing a heat pump or replacing any electrical part. In that case, it is always better to contact a professional and let them fix the problem. We at Milburn HVAC provide maintenance services like the ones mentioned above. You can also contact us on 502-538-2328 for quotes and scheduling appointments.